Baroque Manor House built in 1752 within 20 acres of English garden and forest.

The grand property is situated in a very private area of Germany and is home to many impressive features, including horse stables and a pigsty.

Manor has two large living rooms, one library, three nurseries and a gym with a sauna, providing great variety for filming.


Quirky apartment based in a modern apartment block in the heart of Brighton.

The ground-floor apartment is space age seventies-inspired and is home to amazing authentic space-age retro props. Such impressive props offered is a jukebox, egg chairs and sixties plastic picnic tables.

Rooms include a large bathroom filled with foliage, a seventies bedroom and a kitchen/lounge.

Space provides the perfect space for content creation and photoshoots.


Mature, sophisticated London bar with stunning d├ęcor.

A luxury ambience is present throughout premises and includes an abundance of seating with plush red velvet sofas and chairs.

Polished herringbone floors and wooden furnishing, additionally provides a classic feel to the premise.

Stunning location for all types of productions.


Magnificent Villa Mansion set on a 10 acre private estate in heart of Hertfordshire.

Gated residence hosts an impressive equestrian area and cinema room. In addition stunning features include a heated outdoor swimming pool, tennis court and pool house with a bar.

Rooms include five bedrooms, a games room and a large reception room with panoramic views of the beautiful garden.

Stunning location for all types of productions.


550 Sq Ft studio and event space with integrated styling room and optional green room or office.

Achromatic colour scheme provides an distinct space for small events, with a capacity of 30 seating or standing.

Additionally the space makes for an impressive spot for photo and video shoots.


2,000 Sq Ft drive-in white cove studio and event space.

Space includes optional green room or office with shared kitchen and reception access.

Holds a capacity of up to 120 people seated or 150 standing for event hire.

White walls throughout create an unique dominate atmosphere to space and a great canvas for photo and video shoots.


1700sq ft waterside modern penthouse apartment, located in East London with two modern kitchen sets and pool games room.

Exposed brick wall throughout and the studios achromatic colour scheme offers a sophisticated feel.

Key stand stand out feature of studio is its 120 inch cinema screen.

Great location for all kinds of productions.


Victorian terrance with three bedrooms, located in a quiet residential area of Cardiff.

Home offers a vibrant atmosphere, with its colourful decor and features beautiful bay windows and cosy fireplace.

Original restored front door and garden that gets sun all day, making for a great outdoor area for productions.



1960s Midcentury upside down red house, located in Nottingham.

Features include panelled ceilings, double height ceilings and windows and outside balcony.

Wooden floors and ceilings provides a rustic cabin feel, great location for productions as situated in village and on a quiet suburban road.


Indoor/ Outdoor location with Impressive 10 acre natural meadow, that blossoms with wildflowers in the summer months.

Surrounded by woodland it also has three glamping tents and a newly converted contemporary barn approximately 5,500q ft.

Interior of home includes an entrance hall, three bedrooms and a nursery.

Great location spot for big productions as has easy access for trailers and large HGV vehicles.

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