This Stunning independently owned Beach hotel location with stunning views of the beach.

The location offers a choice of 37 comfortable, recently refurbished bedrooms including our Penthouse Suite and 4 Beach Hut suites, most boasting breathtaking ocean views with Parking.

A perfect location to use as a base or main production set.


Luxury location, successive generations have in turn constructed, revolutionised, and modernised.

The place combines style and contemporary art together with history in a magical place surrounded by gardens.

Perfect for wedding photoshoots, filming, events and artist residencies.


Amazing farm, wooden log cabin on the outskirts of London.

The house dresses beautifully for shoots.

Location perfect for photoshoots.


Incredible private flat located on the main floor of a house build in 1700. 

This location has a neoclassical style with paintings, columns and vintage floors.

Also, it has several rooms, all interconnected .

It’s perfect for photoshoots and filming as well.


Elizabethan Manor House set in beautiful gardens with a large rustic barn circa 1800, this property is surrounded by 400 acres of farmland and three woods.

It features different rustic styled areas such as Dinning Room, Hall, Drawing Room and several Bedrooms.

This location is perfect for all kind of productions.


Location set in a rural Victorian railway station with a working branch line running through it, within easy access to London.

There is a range of vintage railway carriages and locomotives, consists of a large ‘Goods’ Shed, a working Restoration Shed (where historic locomotives are under restoration) and a plethora of Victorian railway buildings including a Booking Hall, Waiting Rooms and Signal Boxes (with open fires) and a sumptuous railway carriage cafe.

With a lot of filming areas indoors and outdoors, such as Victorian Station ticket office with steps up to Booking Hall, railway station platforms, panoramic views of the surrounding countryside with railway carriages in view, railway tracks, signal Boxes in view, railway Goods Yard, miniature Street Scene, including public house, vintage railway carriages, and much more.

As well as free parking, panoramic views from the station footbridge over the lovely Colne Valley, free WiFi and caterers on site. Separate kitchen facilities, and office/meeting room space.

This location is perfect for all kinds of productions.


Library Film location in the centre of London, originally a residence built in the 1700s, this is now a private Library for members.

It Spread across seven interlocking buildings, with 17 miles of open access bookshelves and over one million books,

The building has styles of Victorian through to modern and has won a RIBA award for a redesign of our Art Room. The Library has been in use on this site since 1845.

Perfect production location

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