Grade 1 listed Castle with a moat, 300 acres of woodland, fields and formal gardens. Built in the 1440’s, the idyllic castle has all the traditional features, including crenelations and a curtain wall.

Designed with red brick, the castle also has a garden with beautiful features including, stunning English yew hedges, croquet lawns, a rose garden and a long border of Indian bean trees. Beyond this is a gorgeous five acre wildflower meadow, a folly with a walled garden and a sprawling ancient woodland.

Additionally the interior of the grand castle homes an impressive wood panelled ballroom and an Elizabeth room, with an intricately carved staircase and a tapestry hanging over a large fireplace.

Great location for productions.


Stunning family home based in Nottinghamshire set in 5 acres and includes a beautiful garden with plenty seating space.

Includes a large indoor pool and sauna as well as a large patio and balcony area. Natural light throughout home showcases the homes’ modern features.

Recently fully refurnished, the home exudes charm, with its gated driveway and abundance of greenery.

Great for all kinds of production.


The victorian style villa home located in Cheshire, is a perfect place for a modern setting and open plan shoots.

Its conservatory and skylights throughout the home provides a beautiful natural light around the home, enhancing its neutral aesthetic.


Historic 16th century detached house situated in the Surrey countryside.

The picturesque garden covering 5 acres, includes a pond adding to the charm of the home.

The interior holds 10+ bedrooms and a wealth of period features throughout, including original wooden beams and open fireplaces.



Stunning countryside estate at the heart of 35 acres of land.

Formal gardens and lakes are staple features of this location as well as its grand long driveway.

The estate houses numerous rooms including tearooms and a bridal suite.

Perfect mix of modern and classic features makes it a perfect filming location.


High in the mountains travelling 3466m above ground, the rotating cable car overlooks stunning views of Italy.

Perfect for shooting that requires perennial snow and millennial glaciers.


Located in Stafford the school offers a vast range of building and sites including a large sports hall and open theatre.

Open fields surround the area with spectacular historic features found across all sites.


A brutalist concrete playground in the heart of East London’s docklands areas.

The space features multiple event spaces that can be used independently or collectively for mini-festival style shows or filming.



Rustic and modern space with big windows providing lots of natural light.

Additionally the white walls throughout provides the space with a great bright and open feel.

Property includes an atelier, studio/office and a showroom.




Large space with different areas including a cafe, bar, gallery and work space.

Additionally the venue offers a fresh atmosphere and lots youth culture energy as it also has an area designated for gigs.

Lots of characterful details throughout its interior as well as exterior,  it also homes side annex rooms for quieter filming.

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