Unique creative space and photography studio in East London with a large white infinity cove, bespoke make up area, brick wall, beautiful furniture and outdoor area.

Suitable for all sorts of production such as filming, photoshoots, private events, workshops.

The outside area allows for an out of office area in the warmer months, or as a space to facilitate your vehicles and film shoots requirements.

Large white infinity cove

Width – 7.3 metres/ 24 feet

Depth – 4.9 metres/ 16 feet

Height – 3.3 metres/ 11 feet

Bespoke hair, makeup and styling area complete with 4000W of dimmable daylight hollywood bulbs Perfect production location in East London


Charming home set in a park, with a long private driveway and surrounded by greenery,

Fully renovated with delicate, classic features throughout, including a fireplace and wooden ceiling beams.

White decoration and natural light engulfs the home, creating a picturesque setting for all kinds of productions.


Located in Surrey this beautiful modern property is a detached converted stable.

Set in 19 acres of farmland, the family home includes 4 bedrooms, an office and a kitchen and dining area.

Additionally it has a large well maintained garden that has stunning views of the fields surrounding the home.

Unique features of the property include a Sand School, pond and a barn.


Beautiful hidden countryside estate with a hosts of unique features including a Singing Theatre, a woodland stage and a Victorian walled garden.

Extensive stunning woodland and parkland with wild flower meadows, makes it a perfect location for private events and fashion shoots.

Additionally the estate homes a golf course, private roads, waterways and a magical Roman Temple.


Modern contemporary five-bedroom home within walking distance to the beautiful Kent Coast.

Family home with an abundance of entertainment facilities, including a cinema room, games room and swimming pool.

Additionally the exterior of the home has a gorgeous outdoor kitchen and dining area, with a freestanding Renson Pergola.

Great location for indoor and outdoor shooting.


Beautiful 5 bedroom detached family home located in London, with an abundance of natural light.

Modern features throughout home include an open-plan kitchen, a walk in shower and skylights in multiple rooms.

Spread over 3 floors, the home has a stunning large garden which includes an outdoor dining area and plenty of greenery, making it great for outdoor shooting.


Small open-plan property with a beach-house feel in the heart of London.

Natural light and white walls provide a relaxing, calm atmosphere.

Minimalistic aesthetic with a few stand out features, including a spiral staircase and a distinctive scarlet-red front door.

Great for kinds of productions.

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