Renovated detached farm house built in 1687,The location has a front and back garden.

The back garden is walled around the property and the front garden with Horton stones,lawn and conservatory.

This location is perfect for production


Commercial property (gym) split in 2 floors. The ground floor has a reception area and the gym floor is located in the basement together with the changing rooms, toilets and offices.

The gym floor is an open space and equipped with competition grade equipment. The interior design is industrial but at the same time premium.


Canalised detached four-bed, single-storey cottage, extended in 2012 to provide an exceptionally spacious, high-ceilinged, light-filled kitchen/dining/family room, with views directly onto the grand Union Canal on two sides. Most rooms look out into the canal. There is a attractive garden to the front, an enclose courtyard to the side and an extensive garden to the rear of the property, running alongside the canal.


16th Century estate with a Manor house featuring one Tudor and one Georgian facade, surrounded by 4 acres of stunning gardens including a parterre, large formal lawn, extensive landscaped beach, tennis court, woodland walk and croquet lawn. Interiors include a 17m vaulted corridor with marble flooring; antique chandeliers and Napoleon III mirrors are just some of the impressive features.
There is a massive Edwardian style conservatory and a drawing room. On the property there is also an 18th Century cottage with a beautiful exterior.


Edwardian cottage with painted brick and weatherboard elevations, Fully designed and landscaped garden.

Detached summerhouse with feature tiled floor, Detached office building with french doors and weatherboarded exterior.

Contemporary country kitchen Woodturning stove Feature brick walls inside Perfect location for production.


Two bedroom Victorian workman’s terraced cottage, a picturesque, quiet and desirable area, The property has been designed and finished to a meticulous standard, being sensitive to the age and environment whilst adding modern features such as roof lights throughout.

The living room and kitchen downstairs are open plan, with lots of light. The kitchen is traditionally British, with a large range cooker, and looks onto a paved backyard.

The living room is complete with a home cinema system with pull down projector screen, and a comfy blue velvet Chesterfield-style sofa.

Upstairs are two double bedrooms which benefit from lots of light.


This 1250sq ft Graffiti Gallery in a warehouse space, the walls are completely covered.

This large ground floor warehouse with concrete floor and a mezzanine floor with lots of stunning vintage props.

This location is perfect for production.


This period Church is in a pretty village built in 1852, had lots of its original features and this location has perfect grounds for filming.


Modern detached villa with fantastic sea view , Private pool and a pool bar and kitchen.
This location has stunning views and perfect for production, Located in southeastern France.

France, Modern


This stunning family detached home with 6 bedroom house with large ground floor open plan layout.

Location driveway can accommodate up to 8 cars, Also location has a large patio and garden that leads to a river.

Perfect views for production.

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