This beautiful space is a wine bar located in London.

The location is fully furnished and tastefully decorated. Its wooden floors and brick walls along with its fireplaces and warm light fill the place with a welcoming cosy ambiance. Multiple windows allow natural light to illuminate the place.

Perfect location for filming, photo shoots, interviews, events.


This amazing location is a railway arch renovated in 2016.

This place features various big spaces with high ceilings, an amazing glass wall and a staircase with a beautiful metal handrail that leads to a second floor that consists of an intimate cafeteria look alike space. The arched roof and the wood beams give it that special touch.

This is a perfect location for any kind of production.


This amazing place in South East London is a railway arch renovated in 2016.

This location features both indoor and outdoor spaces as well as a bar, picnic tables, a stage for live events with functional spotlights. It never lacks daylight thanks to its massive open arched entrance and its high ceilings.

This is a perfect location for any kind of production, from filming to photo shooting.


This amazing place is a pop up venue located in London, in the style of a ski lodge.

The building is fully constructed out of wood with big beams going across the high ceilings. Completely furnished with cozy pieces such as big leather couches that makes this such a welcoming and warm place.

This location is perfect for any kind of production or event.


Enchantingly beautiful 26 acre private park.

Set in the most spectacular landscape with gardens, wildlife, lakes, river, an island, pavilions, cafe and famous sculptures.

Set in the beautiful landscape of Dorset is quiet, secluded and the perfect location for filming, shooting or events


Stunning detached Italian styled villa on side of a mountain with 9 en-suite bedrooms.

The location features 5000 square meters of land and a large swimming pool with terrace, balconies with flowery vines and a beautiful entrance with columns and a huge ornate wood door.

Perfect location for any kind of production.



A romantic woodland idyll consisting of 10 acres of traditional native woodland, a 3 bedroom Scandinavian style cabin and a small hobbit style cabin. Private access point to both cabins from a country lane.

The Scandinavian cabin features 2 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom sitting room and hallway and pantry/utility room. French windows onto the deck, and white walls and organic floors

The Hobbit cabin features a small and quirky, large circular window looking put to the woodland, shower room, 2 small bedrooms, and a store room. Cabin is on stilts, and has a large amount of firewood under the large deck.


Stunning private property in one acre of walled garden. High spec contemporary house with 17foot hot tub.

The location features a tennis court, provides many different spaces and the house is modernly decorated with light colours and fully furnished. It is also full of natural light thanks to its huge windows.

This location is perfect for production.


This stunning contemporary house counts with several open spaces, large windows, lawn, an inside and outside kitchen. The large windows are ideal for natural light, on both floors, as well as a balcony attached to the bedroom. Perfect for a stunning view of the Cotswolds, private and easy access.


Period thatched timber-framed cottage, private property, over 500 years old with beautiful cottage garden in a quiet village location.

Many exposed beams, inglenook fireplaces, winding staircase and many original features.

This is a unique place perfect for any kind of production.

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