A fantastic Anglo-Saxon long hall site situated in Kent.

This location has many amazing features such as a long hall, forge, pond and traditional buildings.

Perfect location for film production and photoshoots.


A fantastic venue based in the grounds of a high school, situated in Essex.

This location is packed full of features such as an Auditorium, Control Room, Offices, Café Area, Classrooms and Space Capacity of 300 seated.

Also, there is a professional working theatre and dressing rooms.

There is a generous amount of filming areas across this location, which allows this space to be attractive to large and small productions including events.


A fantastic multipurpose location Consisting of a Vehicle Garage, Breakers Yard and Mini Scrap Yard.

Also featuring a 6,000SQF working Garage, warehouse, vehicle dismantling yard and scrap vehicles.

Perfect location for photoshoots and filming.


A newly renovated end of terrace period cottage that combines sleek modern decor with cottage charm.

This location is perfect for cooking shows. It also features a garden, four bedrooms, a detached garage, fireplace and other period characteristics.

A perfect location for all types of productions. -Marta Literska Fashion Photographer


A beautiful Edwardian style period house built around the 1900s.

Features include Garden, Attic, Conservatory, Halls, Staircase and much more.

A fantastic location for photoshoots and filming.
 -Marta Literska Fashion Photographer


A magnificent retro-styled property bursting with fantastic features.

This large 1970’s family house includes an indoor swimming pool, piano, avocado & buttercup yellow bathroom, double kitchen, outdoor garden with astroturf and retro furniture.

A perfect location suitable for photoshoots and filming. -Marta Literska Fashion Photographer


Stunning and unique warehouse studio in Manchester.

This amazing location is Comprising of 3 individual studios that can be transformed to create the perfect ambiance for just about any production or event.

It is the perfect space if you wish to stand out and really create a memorable experience for your guests or colleagues, from the moment you enter Untitled you are immediately intrigued to find out what is behind every twist and turn within the venue.

Converted industrial warehouse with original features situated in a non-residential area in a gated community on a private road with ample free parking.
 -Marta Literska Fashion Photographer


Modern house with fireplaces and sash windows.

This location has been recently refurbished in a contemporary style. Also, it has a coach house in the grounds.

Perfect for any kind of event and production.


A beautiful 18th Century farmhouse and detached thatched banqueting barn.

This property is full of characteristic features such as a traditional kitchen, fireplaces and furnishings.

It is a perfect location for photoshoots, filming, commercials and all other types of production.


An amazing renovated old school-house, which includes many unique features such as the stain glass windows, plants and fireplaces.

The property is set all on one floor and has a separate entranceway.

This location is perfect for photoshoots and filming.

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