The former industrial space/loft features a range of loft and lifestyle features perfect for staging a range of production scenarios.

Features such as an open-plan island kitchen area, full-height iron windows, concrete pillars and modern modular furniture.

Space is partially divided to create a smaller lobby area with bathroom often used as a backstage crew and storage area or is easily converted into an additional blackout studio.


Detached private residential property, set in 2 acres garden and woodland, along a private road in quiet Home Counties village.

The property built in 1927 features wood panelled hall and dining room, stained glass doors and windows with a Modern kitchen/diner, orangery and attic conversion master bedroom.

Also a swimming pool, pool house lounge with shower/loo, separate detached 2 story cottage with kitchenette, shower/loo. Plenty of hard and soft parking.

Perfect for photography, events and filming.


This Stunning Grade II listed end of terrace house, This mid-century Modern three storey townhouse with outdoor space front garden, courtyard, back garden.

This property is an open plan downstairs space with spiral staircase.

The location is perfect for production.


600 sq m Brick warehouse with Steel beams running throughout with gated parking and courtyard.

The location has stunning props with concrete floors and high ceiling.


A dreamlike, discreet and intimate atmosphere across two floors and a small garden.

Decorative arts gallery with an emphasis on design, eclecticism and informal scene-setting.

Recognises the transformational energy of statement pieces in a modern space.

Darkly romantic, mythology inspired, symbolistic and figurative collection.

An urban sensibility with a taste for enigmatic, old-world exuberance.


Grade II listed former arts college building lays a rather special place taunt location offers an attractive, cosy and stylish setting.

The location can be set up according to your requirements as either a Board Room layout, a traditional Theatre type arrangement.


This Beautiful restaurant and bar with a 1930s-influenced aesthetic

The Location wood floors, wallpapers and framed wall.

The Perfect location for production.


The detached building used as Offices.

About 20 rooms including offices, boardrooms, kitchens, waiting rooms, storage rooms. 2 floors of a building and additional underground parking. Parking also available on ground level.

Three entrances at ground level and 1 direct entrance to upper level via stairs at the back of the property.


Perched high on the Algarve coast with panoramic ocean views With 10,000 square metres of spectacular gardens, This 9 bedroomed luxury boutique hotel.

The location has 2.5 acres of stunning gardens, Large grounds, orchard, waterfalls, ponds, terracing and lawns

Each room individually decorated with a combination of modern and traditional Portuguese styles.

A Perfect location for all kind of production.


Industrial Warehouse/loft chic once a depot, This Imaginative bright, light unique environment.

Office spaces and an imposing reception space, A glass-walled conference room and more intimate meeting rooms

5000+ square feet flexible and adaptable environment

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