This amazing and modern location is in a quiet area right next to London.

The exterior of the house is just as beautiful as the inside.

With several spaces, including a double hight ceiling living room and huge floor to ceiling windows all over the place.

Modernly decorated all through its three floors.

Perfect location for any kind of production.


Beautiful semidetached house from 1930 located in Kent.

This location features a gorgeous kitchen with an island and a orangery with a living room that leads to a well kept garden. The whole place is modernly decorated with light neutral colours and has plenty of natural light.

Perfect place for any kind of production.


This amazing two level cocktail bar is also a museum of curiosities.

This great location is full of the most fascinating objects and decorations as part of a private collection displayed full time. This bizarre and quirky place has multiple spaces, including a conservatory, and it’s fully furnished matching its unique identity.

Perfect place for production.


This outstanding unique location is a fully immersive 5 sensory space for the Arts and events.

This location is a blank-canvas event space equipped with the latest and best technology to provide the best experience.

Capacity for up to 150 seated or 300 standing. Perfect for product launches, photoshoots, filming, presentations, live music, film screenings, immersive theatre, club nights and corporate parties.

Also, can you please add the below in the middle section (DJ Booth at the top)

HD Projectors and surround screens 

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